Nancy McKinney, M.A.

If you have seen bumperstickers recently that read, “SHIFT HAPPENS,” then perhaps you are wondering what that means. It means that our world is changing so radically, that not only will the polar caps shift their positions geographically, but that there will also be a tremendous shift in social consciousness. When Jerry Pippin asked me a few months ago to explain the differences between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions, I decided to research the subject; hence, what you read here. My thanks to the following authors and their works cited below, and other friends in other dimensions whose channeled material I have read and enjoyed. If you think channeled material is questionable, hopefully you may at least read the following with an open mind and a desire to be entertained.

The third dimension is the one in which we currently live. It is marked by mass, weight and volume, perceived separation from God, highly structured and limiting belief systems (which many follow blindly), specific light and vibrational frequencies, and sociopolitical instability. In addition, man’s inhumanity to man is an aspect of life here that scares the pants off life forms in other worlds, (many of which don’t even wear pants) and that is why they don’t land on the White House lawn bearing gifts of friendship. Our environment is also highly toxic, hence another reason to stay off the lawn. There is also a kind of “blindness” here in the third dimension, which results from stereotypical thinking, spiritual misinformation, adherence to the status quo, and lack of intellectual flexibility. Basically, life on third -dimensional Earth is like third grade in a school of the Universe. The good news is, however, that most third graders manage to pass to fourth grade and higher in their education and social development, and that is what the dimensional shift is about. Here are some illuminating explanations and aspects of the third and higher dimensions from various sources:

E.T. 101, by Mission Control and Diana Luppi, 1990

Your old life is dying and your new life is emerging. That process can cause quite a bit of physical, mental, and emotional disturbance.

Third dimensional sciences are ill equipped to handle the awesome shift that is now taking place because they are not true sciences. They are little more than elaborate systems of measurement that have been used to dominate the environment through a faulty understanding of energy. They are based on fear and manipulation rather than on love and creation.

The third dimension is the one you are currently living in and transiting out of. In third dimensional reality, you have yet to understand your power of creation and who you really are.

The fourth dimension is sometimes referred to as the astral plane, and is a shadow dimension to the third. Like the third, it also is characterized by polarity and is inhabited by “spirits” and disembodied entities. Science considers this dimension superstitious belief, but the truth does not require your belief in it in order to function, and the fourth dimension is still viable.

The fifth dimension is what you call “heaven”, since it is heaven compared to the third. It is characterized by light and love, and it is free of the illusions of duality and separation (from God). It is not the highest dimension, but only a step to further planetary evolution. Creation actually contains an infinite number of dimensions.

WE, THE ARCTURIANS, by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich with Betty Rice and Cynthia Ploski

Dimensions of Time and Space have different vibrational frequencies.

In the fourth dimension, creatures of many universes exist simultaneously.

The fifth dimension is like “heaven”, because Beings all live on the highest octave of manifestation. Anything that a soul desires is his or hers, although on that dimension, Beings are androgynous. This dimension is like Utopia. Colors are on an energy level that transforms behavior and leaves one in a state of ecstasy.

Each dimension is a learning stage for the soul’s evolution for the next higher dimension. These are dimensions of awareness. Many of you now are living in the third AND fourth dimension, meaning you are accessing the third and fourth dimensional vibrations simultaneously. This can be quite confusing, and you may not know whether you are “coming, or going”, so to speak. You are fully aware of third dimensional reality, but beginning to access the awareness inherent in the fourth dimension also.

In the vibratory rate of the fourth dimension, you are learning how to open your heart chakra, or heart center, and learn love and forgiveness. When the lessons of the third and fourth are learned, access to the fifth becomes possible. In the fourth dimension, awareness that past, present, and future exist simultaneously becomes clearer.

Jesus came to Earth to teach the awareness of the fourth dimension. That quality is the journey inward and the expression of love and forgiveness, the two major qualities the fourth dimension teaches. When one masters these, one alters the vibrational frequency that prepares them for the fifth dimension, which is that of manifestation through thought.


As a third-dimensional thinker on the most basic level, you believe in what your senses experience, and not what you cannot experience. You might think God is only a myth, because He cannot prove himself. You would also tend to think of God as separate from yourself, as existing outside of yourself somewhere in the heavens. As Dr. Heather Harder says, “It is this separateness that earmarks the third dimension.”

In fourth dimensional awareness, one has moved from a “prove it” reality to an awareness that things exist on a level that cannot be experienced with normal sight, sound, touch, taste, or hearing. However, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience are experiences of hearing, seeing, and sensing things that most people cannot. These are fourth dimensional experiences. Personal choices are based on inner knowing, intuition, listening to the still, small voice within, and are from the heart. This dimension is most easily accessed in the dream, meditative, or psychic state. It is about what cannot be seen with the eye, about what cannot be heard with the ear, what cannot be felt with a sense of touch. It is about intuition and knowing what cannot normally be known. God is viewed now in a larger, more flexible context, not as a person, but as a state of Consciousness, Creation, Supreme Love, Light, Energy, and what is beyond understanding. There is a realization that this God is part of everything and a part of you. The realization now is that there are other worlds that we do not know, and that there is a possible connection to them. Dr. Heather Harder says it is the dimension of great awakening to the vastness of life. It is past the boundaries of the physical. Some of us are there now, and experiencing what is not “normal” while we also remain in our “normal” reality. Sometimes this is most confusing, sometimes it is most glorious. The fourth dimension is not a place in space; it is within us. Proof is required in the third dimension, but faith and inner knowing characterize the fourth, and proof is unnecessary.

Jesus and other great Masters taught the principles of the fourth and higher dimensions, true expressions of love and forgiveness, but many of those teachings have not been understood or have been misinterpreted in light of third dimensional, fear-based, judgemental thinking.

How do we move into the higher dimensions? Each dimension has an energy level which is also called a vibratory rate. We raise our vibrations as our consciousness changes, and as we participate in activities that change our energy levels, like singing, meditating, keeping our bodies and minds healthy, doing things that bring us joy and growth, and praying. When you no longer have the need to judge and fear, you also raise your vibration. When you see each difficult experience as something to discover about yourself, you also raise your vibration. When you trust in the higher spiritual forces, like Angels, God, and Guides, you also move into the higher dimensions. As Dr. Harder says, when you begin to ask help of and surrender outcomes to these spiritual forces, you are moving into higher dimensions of consciousness.

The Fifth Dimension is characterized by unconditional love and surrender to the God Essence or Spirit.

We do not make abrupt moves from one dimension to the next. We tend to come and go among them until we begin to live more in one than another. That is why some of us are having “illogical” experiences, and making somewhat unbelievable life choices right now. To follow what is in our hearts, that we know on an intuitive level is right for us, often seems crazy to family and friends, but we may be pulled in those directions of greater love and spirit out of our own personal integrity. This is the relevance of the “dimensional shift.”