These photos are exciting, and the first thing that comes to just about anyone's mind is that they are camera anomalies. That is an easy answer for what sometimes is a challenge to explain. As our Earth changes and shifts, as solar flares produce unusual energetic effects, as new photographic technology is born and as the people taking the photographs change their own vibratory rate, easy answers are the best way to close the door on expanded thinking. I also think that at times, our third eye, our psychic sense, is interacting with the camera, and acting as a bridge from one dimension to another. Science has already been looking at this idea, and finds it worthy.

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#1 & #2 As an experiment, Jim and I took photos of him one evening, each with our respective cameras, a Sony and a Casio. He had taken several photos of himself using a tripod and a remote, and he was getting images of himself that were transparent, such as you see here and in photo #4. Photo #1 is my image, one of about 40, of him seated on his sofa with a red Christmas stocking BEHIND him. This is the only photo of mine in which the stocking is visible through Jim's body. Part of his arm and neck is also transparent. Shutter speed was 8 seconds, but he did not move during the shoot. One of his photos of his "transparent body" , #2, was a 4 second shot. However, in many of his own photos of himself, he is transparent, but only in one of mine. Logically, a long shutter speed will produce anomalous effects, but there should be blur if he moved, and there is no blur and the stocking should not be showing through his body.

#3 Photo courtesy Blair Carl. The image is in perfect focus, but the lights are escaping the bulbs! Blair uses a Casio digital.

#4 This is Jim again, his own photo of himself standing in front of a no exit sign. Double exposure is not possible with a digital camera, unless two images are taken into Photoshop and layered, but we are not doing this in any of the photos you see here. Jim's body is again transparent.
#5 This is a photo I took in Colorado, which is in focus, but again, the light is jumping out of the clock. Is this phenomena saying something about light frequencies, the camera, the person who takes the picture, or any combination of the three? Note that the clock light reflection is illogical. A reflection should be upside down below the 3D objects, just as you see mountains upside down as reflected in a lake below them, but this red light is not following the laws of logic here, so does that imply it is not a 3D light aberration?
#6 While taking pictures one evening at a party, I noticed that some lights were not logical to the images. Big orbs seemed to be in many of the images that night.

#7 Blair Carl's photo.
#8 Jim Law's photo of Blair Carl.

#9 Longer shutter speeds in a digital camera will sometimes capture aberrations of light. Does the camera register the changes in light frequencies as our world moves into a higher dimension? I used a tripod here, so it is not camera shake. I have seen many "paranormal" images that are the result of camera shake, even though you may think you are holding the camera perfectly steady,but the moment your finger hits the shutter button, the camera will move if it is hand-held, and if it is dark, and your shutter speed is long, more than one second, then the paranormal aspects of the image are highly suspect. However, it is also worthy of consideration that you note whether other objects in the image are in focus or not, and if they are, then it is time to consider changing light frequencies that the camera is registering, that are altering in time. Some people are calling this phenomena, vortex energy, shifting into a higher dimension, dimensional portals, etc., but we don't know yet, really, what it is. This is a whole new area for research.

#10 and #11 Photo courtesy Blair Carl, taken at a Summer Bacon channeling open session, Jan., 2006. Note how the light is emanating from some lights on the wall of the auditorium, and one light goes through the heads of two women in the audience, similar to the light in my photo of the spirit in the hotel ballroom that went behind and under a chair. When the light is going through or behind something like this, it is not an aberration of the camera, or a function of slow shutter speed, it is the movement of the light in the room. It appears that not all the lights are emanating from light fixtures. My theory is that the energies in the room, get some energy from the light fixtures, but also are independent of them. The energies could be spirit energies, or just higher frequency light energy, but my answer to one of my critics, is that this is NOT a camera anomaly. WAKE UP!

#12 This photo of Blair was taken at a Summer Bacon open channeling session. Note the brilliant light coming from the stage, which obliterates part of the image on the left, and note that Blair is transparent.

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Nebulae photos courtesy of NASA Hubble Telescope