Two new phenomenon in orbs showed up in the past year---brilliant white opaque orbs with very little or no texture, and small red dots of light which are often in close proximity to orbs of all kinds. The brilliant white orbs are really more like 3D objects than the semi-transparent textured orbs that have been commonplace in many photos worldwide. As I have always said, there are very many kinds of orbs, everything from celestial beings, to spirits, to technological devices. Upon enlargement, the intense red dots of light I believe to be crafts or probes. They may be very far out in space, but yet they are close to the orbs in the photos, or they have also appeared in my back yard near orbs and one was also in my house. They show characteristics of force fields, or energy fields around them.

I also believe the various colors of the textured orbs are especially significant. Golden orbs are healing, blue orbs are teachers or guides, red orbs are a bit of a mystery, and the white opaque orbs seem to be more technological than organic. Sometimes the rainbow colored orbs appear, too. Some have faces, just as the golden orbs and the blue orbs often do.

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This is the brilliant white opaque orb. It seems to be accompanied by two other orbs.

These are the brilliant white opaque orbs without texture. All were photographed at my house in Arizona, using a NIKON COOLPIX, with flash on. You don't need an expensive camera to get these orbs.

Rainbow orb and orb in movement.
This orb was positioned right over a UFO. Other photos of the UFO followed without the orb.
Red and Blue orbs.
Golden Orb. Golden orbs are very often pictured in images where healing ceremonies are occurring.
Golden orb with face.
Here is an example of an orb with an intense red dot of light in proximity. No, this is not a "bad pixel". Upon enlargement, these red dots of light actually show white in the center and the red seems to be a force field around the white center.

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Nebulae photos courtesy of NASA Hubble Telescope